Dev Solutions, founded in 1992, is North India's Premier Executive Search Firm. After dominating the market in the technology space, it has developed skills in the top Managemet Search as well.

We bring together business, goals and people strategies to create a long term sustainable growth path for your organisation. We work with you to nurture the talent you have into the professional(s) you need. Advising the right people in the right roles with just the right authentic skills and behaviour, we create an inclusive progressive high performance work environment in your organisation and we call it as “The Human dimension of Organisational Consulting”.

manpower agencyWe are your partner in creating excitement in your work force to deliver their best every-time.

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Alice comes to a fork on the road, asks the Cat on the tree : 'Which road should I take ?'.
Cat asks : 'Where do you want to go ?'.
Alice :'I do not know!'
Cat : 'Then It does not matter!'.
We all need a focus in life, and if you need more clarity, please buy - Basic Managerial Skills, by Fc Mcgrath SJ, Prentice Hall, and work on those assignments.

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Dev Solutions - Founded in 1992 !

Please send us your resume, if you are BE from IITs or Equivalent, and or MBA from IIMs/equivalent, and are looking for a change of your job. Kindly specify, locational preference, reason for change, Kind of role that will attract you, current salary, expected salary, and joining time.

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